God offers the simplest form of salvation possible–one just has to believe and have faith! [Acts 16:31] How easy is that? Nevertheless, it can be a bit more of a challenge to navigate God’s will in life, avoid societal mine fields, and walk a daily spirit-filled life. The best avenues to handle these areas are through personal discipleship, godly counseling, and meaningful connections with other like-faith Christians.

Personal discipleship hinges on an individual’s decision and determination to invest time into a daily walk with God. Discipleship starts with reading God’s Word on a regular basis and investing time praying and listening to the Lord.

Some of the most beneficial, practical counseling we can receive is through the preaching of the Bible. From the weekly messages of Pastor Tim Weems, we can learn how to navigate the roads of the Christian’s life, know what the Bible says, and understand how to apply its truths in our lives.

One of the greatest comforts in life is to know that we have someone on our side, who will be there for us through our lowest valleys and highest mountain tops. At Gospel Light Baptist Church, you are not just an individual; you are part of a family. As a family, we encourage and ¬†lift each other up–something that can be so helpful when trying to stay faithful to God’s call in our lives.